New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers 2018 Colombia Excursion Photo

SAVE THE DATES for the ACBA Colombia Trip!!!! March 23-30, 2019

Why a trip with the ACBA?  The trip combines CLE, professional networking, relaxing, and foreign travel.  Not only does the inclusion of CLE allow you to deduct some or all of the cost of the trip, it also gives you a unique perspective on the culture. You wouldn’t learn the inside view of how the Colombian legal and political systems work, if you go on your own. Speaking from the experience of our trip to Cuba earlier this year, you have a real chance to build new friendships in your professional world – ones that will last!
Why Colombia?  Colombia, not unlike Cuba, is in a moment of dramatic transition. With the reconciliation between the government and the opposition/gangs, a new era is just dawning, and Colombia is actually remaking their society. It’s an amazing moment to witness, and a privilege to see it as it unfolds. 
Is it safe?  Absolutely. The only areas listed as risky by the State Department are in rural areas far from where we will be. 
How much will it cost?  Please stay tuned – we will have an itinerary and pricing out soon. 
Who is organizing the ACBA Colombia trip? How many will go?  We are using the same trip organizer that took us to Cuba. They were truly amazing – very responsive, terrific planners, personally sorting out anything that needed sorting. We don’t yet have an idea how many will come. We are going (as we did to Cuba) with our colleagues in the Contra Costa County Bar Association. Some people bring spouses and/or older kids. 
Is it all work?  Is there any play Truly it will all feel like play!  Beyond the CLE sessions, which might be a couple of hours on some of the days, we will get tours of art, history, political and social sites; we will get time to wander on our own; and there’s beach time at the end!
Where can I learn more about the ACBA Colombia Trip?  More details will be coming soon. If you are interested, or think you MIGHT be interested, contact Tiela Chalmers at

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